10 Doxie-fied Items for the Home

10 Doxie-fied Items for the Home

Dachshund owners can get a bit carried away with their love for dachshunds. We are here to help you with that. Turn your home into a Wiener Palace by getting yourself the(p)awesome doxie-fied items you see below.

1. A planter

Buy this planter here for $39.99.

2. A shower curtain

Buy this shower curtain here for $49.99.

3. A cutting board

Buy this cutting board here for $25.03.

4. A pillow

Buy this pillow here for $50.00.

5. Coasters

Buy these coasters here for $12.00.

6. A tea towel

Buy this tea towel here for $22.00.

7. A mug

Buy this mug here for $16.95.

8. A wrist rest

Buy this wrist rest here for $37.00.

9. A vintage sign

Buy this vintage sign here for $59.00.

10. An oven mitt

Buy this oven mitt here for $15.00.

All you need is love… And a dachshund (or three) – via @flashthesausage (sign by @the_smoothe_store)

Een foto die is geplaatst door Dachshunds United © (@dachshundsunited) op

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