14 Black and Tan Babes

14 Black and Tan Babes

All dachshunds are beautiful, but what is funnier than having a wiener around that is raising its eyebrows at you ALL THE TIME!? We selected these 14 adorable dachshunds that perfectly match this description. Check them out!

1. Martha is a total heartbreaker

2. Wieners in PJ’s equal perfection

3. What a smile!

4. We all know dogs are not accessories, but you have got to admit this pup completes her look 😉

5. What a stud!

6. Snow-sausage

7. NSFW: Frits and Chewie sharing an intimate moment

8. Hero even washes your dishes!

9. You know what owning three dachshunds means… Triple trouble!

10. Don’t you just want to give Henry a big kiss?

11. Monty in his natural habitat

12. Pepper does not want her mum to set her ears back to factory setting

13. 2 or 4?!

14. And last but not least… Wolfi. Who was having a ruff day.

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