30 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs In The World

30 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs In The World

All dachshund owners know for a fact that dachshunds are the best dogs in the whole entire world. ‘But why?’ a non-doxie owner ask may ask. Read the 30 reasons below and you will know exactly why you should adopt a doxie right now.

Submitted by our Instagram followers!

1. They are great cuddlers.@_abby.hunt_

2. They are cute and funny and they are only the cutest dog ever.@julianeaas12  

3. Very smart, great “guard dogs”, and take their “job” very seriously!!@pam8634

4. Fiercely loyal, unconditional love, WE are their best friend, and they are so smart!@sukieandiggy

5. Irresistibly cute stubbornness & those eyes could melt your heart!@racheyrat

6. Make the best electric blankets ever!@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies

7. The cutest puppy dog eyes. Just can’t say no when they look at you.@jeannet_and_lilo

8. PERSONALITY FOR DAYS!@homerhund  

9. Because they are the best furry friends anyone could ever have! They are happy, smart, wiggly dogs who steal your heart and then steal your bed. They are always there to make you feel better on a bad day, and put a smile on your face when you’re sad. They are the best!@engelsstephanie

10. They are the most loving and loyal animals I have ever encountered. They know who their owner is and will love them wholeheartedly until their very last breath. They may be small, but can be very mighty if someone may be hurting their “person”. They are funny and make your heart whole. They are the best snugglers considering their teddy bear size. Their stubbornness only feeds into their incredible personalities and makes them even more fun to be around. They make you feel loved by demanding you hold them and pet them and play with them. They just want to be loved and are more than happy to return the favor back onto you.@s_e_bates

11. Because their feet smell like Cheetos.@zombye_gyrl

12. Because you can never get angry at them for more than 2 minutes.@sagethedachie

13. They’re the best snugglers and kissers!@misslammy

14. They’re clingy.@janynxcx

15. Because they are in the hound group not the toy group.@beaches954

16. Who doesn’t love 24 inches of wiener????@nelsontheawesomedachshund

17. Because the have great bodies AND great brains. I don’t think I could live with a dopey dog.@mcbquilter

18. Because they think they are human. I honestly like them more than some humans.@wendlesis1

19. Dachshunds are the best because they can be so smart, yet do the dumbest, silliest things you couldn’t possibly imagine.@swfive0

20. They are quick learners and great to hang out with. They are so lovable and cute!@krishasakya

21. They’re so confident for such a little animal.@nicolette.ns

22. They are like potato chips , “no one can have just one!!!!@bjronan

23. They are the best cuddlers and their “googly eyes” crack me up! They are huge goofballs and I giggle like a little school girl when I see one (or multiple doxies) run.@jor_jor51

25. Because they can’t steal good off the counter.@emsilly14

26. Because you can call them your wiener without sounding like a pervert.@_asseela.j

27. Because they have a funny squared butt and short legs.@filiz_flores

28. Because we are so portable. I get to go everywhere bringing my humans joy throughout the day.@dinky_diaries

29. They steal your heart and you’re lost without them forever.@elizegun.hobbies

30. Dachshunds are lovers. They are protectors. The are healers. And it is super fun to make puns about my wiener.@ripie77

We love our weens!

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