Hot Dog Of the Month: Bailey

Hot Dog Of the Month: Bailey

February, the month of love. This year, it was an extra special month, because Tilda had announced that she was looking for a Valentine. A Valentine who would ask her ‘to be mine’. And the response was incredible; over 30 different dogs had asked for Tilda’s heart but she could of course only give her heart to one lucky dog. And that one special dog is:



Congratulations Bailey, you are the Hot Dog of the Month: February and you are the winner of Tilda’s Valentine’s Day Contest! Tilda fell in love with your dreamy eyes, adorable bow-tie and the romantic roses you posed with.

You can follow Bailey and his adorable sister Bella on their Instagram account @bella_and_bailey_the_dachies for more adorable photos and you should definitely check out their website.

You can see the other adorable entries on Instagram under #TildaBeMine

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