Five Questions: Marz, Brunis & Bracco

Five Questions: Marz, Brunis & Bracco

Let us introduce you to this beautiful dachshund family of three. Marz, Brunis and Bracco are very remarkable dachshunds who fought hard to live the beautiful life they live today. Unfortunately the fourth member, Sweety, passed away in February. You can learn more about this ‘dachshund-clan’ in our latest ‘Five Questions’!

1. I have to start with asking you about Sweetie. Can you tell me how she came into your home and about her remarkable life? I continued to be inspired by her.
A. Sweety came into my life through a client when I was 19. I already had my first dachshund Mayer which the client knew. When the client was diagnosed with an illness she realize she could no longer care for Sweety properly and asked if I could take her in. I did not hesitate.
Sweety was the most well behaved dog I have ever had. She was a true dachshund. She was very tough and then amazing hunter and loved to go on ventures. One of the moments that always stands out to me is when I took her on a trip up to the mountains and we went out on a walk, she got in the creek and was walking against the current in the middle of the creek hunting for fish. She was such an unbelievably smart dog. Scared of nothing. Even as I knew the end was nearing her resilience and strong will shined through. She lived 24 years. I miss her every single day. I still have her food dish out.

2. Have you always had dachshunds? Why do you love the breed and what they bring to your life?
A. When I was about 10 years old I had a postcard with a picture of a toddler and a mini dachshund both holding onto a windowsill looking outside. I absolutely knew then and there that was the dog for me as soon as I could get my one. My childhood dog was a Doberman. We also had two cocker spaniels and a toy Pomeranian. But I always longed for a dachshund. It is so easy to love the breed. They are super smart and very spunky and have crazy little attitudes. Plus they are cute little long bodies are the best. Weenie dogs make everyone smile and they are always the hit whenever I have them out in public with me. They bring such a happiness to me to see that they are so happy.

3. Can you run down your current clan and how you ended up together.
A. My current clan consists of Marz (13 years old), Brunis (7 years old) and Bracco (around 1 1/2 years old). I got Marz from an ad in the paper and I noticed the address was in the absolute worst neighborhood in the city of Phoenix. I knew I needed to go get that puppy and give her an incredible life because a lot of these small breeders pretty much run a miniature puppy mill and that breaks my heart. Marz has the sweetest most gentle soul I have ever seen in a pup. A little angel if I must say.

I found Brunis in Arizona dachshund rescue. She was just a puppy and very malnourished. She was the skinniest pup I had ever seen. I was truly worried about her surviving. I could tell the first day I had her that she felt so comfortable and was so happy to be around other dogs. She knew she was the ruler of the roost from the day she came in. Brunis and Sweety were best buds right away. Marz on the other hand was not very happy about it but over time they became the best of buds as well. After I had laid Sweety to rest I went to the Arizona Humane Society to donate big bags of treats and some other things that we did not need and they had just printed out a photo of a little dachshund that morning. It was the first time I have ever walked around the shelter. I have always been nervous to go to one because it breaks my heart to see those dogs. In the very first cage that I came to was a scared little weenie dog with her eye swollen and stitched closed. She came right over to me and started licking my fingers. I then sat in one of their rooms with her for over an hour and I knew I could not leave her there even though I had absolutely no intentions of leaving there with a dog. She had really gone through a lot. Someone found her in a parking lot with severe eye damage and that is why they removed her eye. They also spayed her so she was healing two wounds and was having a reaction to the stitches and she also had kennel cough. The second we got into my car I could tell she was so much more relaxed and by the time I got her home and had her out in the backyard she was so happy and running around even with the cone on her head. I could tell this was the right place for her. Marz and Brunis both wound up with kennel cough and it was three weeks of chaos until everything slowly started to settle down and fit together correctly.
Bracco is so happy and has so much energy. She is quite a spunky little dog. She is the new ruler of the roost. I am so happy to have her. Brunis and Bracco play for hours on end. It is wonderful to see.

4. Tell me about daschund rescues and how you became involved with your local doxie rescue?
A. I always think it is best if you are looking for a particular breed to at least research the rescues for those breeds. I have always tried to attend their fundraisers or their events such as weenie races to be able to contribute in someway.

5. What advise would you give someone planning to get a rescue dachshund?
A. If you are planning to rescue a dachshund, keep in mind that it takes patience and a lot of time caring for the new addition in your family. Do not give up on them, give them lots of time and learn their personality. Appreciate the cute things they do and have even more appreciation for the stubborn qualities they may have and let it make you laugh. They can be tough cookies. Very stubborn but in a good way. They are such loyal, smart, cute and resilient dogs. They have amazing personalities that are also different from each other. Spend a day at your local dachshund rescue event to get to know the breed. It is hard not to fall in love with every weenie dog I come across. I can actually say that about every dog. I absolutely love how dogs look at you with such an innocence and love and loyalty.
You can follow Brunis, Marz and Bracco on Instagram @brunisthesuperstar.

Ellen wrote this blog for Dachshunds United. Follow Ellen and Trixie on Instagram at @trixiethedaschund. If you would like to participate in Five Questions email your contact information to

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