#WagAware4Weenies Fundraiser for Dachshund Rescue South Florida!

#WagAware4Weenies Fundraiser for Dachshund Rescue South Florida!

Gucci was a beautiful little dachshund who lived in an unsafe home where he was kept outside all day. After he was viciously attacked by his neighbor’s dog, the owners could not afford to help Gucci, who was clearly in great pain. At this point Dachshund Rescue South Florida stepped in. They immediately took custody of Gucci and took him to the hospital to get him the best care. A new family came to visit Gucci and told him how much they loved him, but unfortunately his little body could not sustain the extent of his injuries. He passed away peacefully and thanks to Dachshund Rescue South Florida he was not in pain or alone anymore.

To make all this possible DRSF relies on donations and profits from stuff they sell in their shop. Gucci was the one who brought WagAware and DRSF together; WagAware donated hundreds of dollars towards Gucci’s care and has tried to help this dachshund rescue group ever since.

Wagaware Charm

WagAware sells the WagAware Charm – the official symbol supporting dog rescue and WagAare donates 50% off all profits to rescue.WagAware has already​ donated ​$82,0000 ​in just over 1.5 years​ dog rescu​​e​ charities​solely from the sale of WagAware Charms, which by the way also glow in the dark! But for this fundraiser they are donating even more:

From April the 1st to April the 15th WagAware they will donate 50% of ALL SALES to Dachshund Rescue South Florida. So 50% of ALL SALES will go directly to Dachshund Rescue South Florida during the two fundraiser weeks. Also buy 3 charms and get 1 free! Buy the charms for all your friends’ and family’s dogs to show the world that you support dog rescue and encourage others to do the same.

​Give the gift that saves dogs’ lives! ​

Sandy is ready for adoption and needs your help to find a loving family (photo by DRSF)

This fundraiser​ is called #WagAware4Weenies and​ is in honer of Gucci, who deserved a much better life than he got. Make Gucci and all the other doxies proud by buying ​a ​WagAware Charm ​and show your sup-PAW-ort for doxies in need!

All dachshunds unite and make this fundraiser a huge succes! The weenies sheltered in Dachshund Rescue South Florida need your help and this way you can give back all the care and love they give us.

Lilac needs your support to live the live she deserves (photo by DRSF)

So go to ​www.​WagAware.com and buy a charm! Share the fundraiser on your social media pages so we can ​help save even more doxies’ lives​. Use #WagAware4Weenies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to show your support!


This fundraiser has ended now. It would still be (p)awesome of course if you bought a WagAware charm, because not only doxies need your help.

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