Hot Dog of the Month: Maus

Hot Dog of the Month: Maus

Let me introduce you to your new best friend, Maus! Maus is a newbie in everything – he was born in October 2016, which makes him this month’s birthday boy!

Maus comes from a breeder in California, and now lives in Santa Barbara with his pawrents and his brother Kody, a 7-year-old golden retriever. Maus and Kody are very close.
Maus also has another best friend, Walter! Their friendship is as tall as Walter, who is a golden poodle! Open your eyes, he sometimes appears on Maus’s IG account…

Maus is a “typical doxie” according to his mom: he has a lot of character! He loves snuggling, playing and he follows his mom wherever she goes.
As a typical dachshund, his major enemy is the doorbell ringing – then he shows his dark side, Maus-the-vicious-big-dog…. or he tries, at least. 😉

Because everyone who knows Maus knows that he is the sweetest pup ever. Everyone who knows Maus loves Maus!
Check out his Instagram @doxiemaus and look at his precious sweet little face!
And while you are checking his account, give him a follow: Maus is brand new on there, and he could do with a few more extra online friends – that wil be your belated present to our Otober birthday boy!

This blog was written by Clarice Bourgeois, a French lady who loves dachshunds. If you would like to contact Clarice about becoming Hot Dog of the Month or something else, please send an email to

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