Hot Dog of the Month: Pepper

Hot Dog of the Month: Pepper

Meet Pepper, a mini dachshund, but already a BIG star!This month is dedicated to Pepper, a British dachshund living in West Sussex.

Pepper is not even 3 months old and has already gone viral: life goal! Her video showing her taking her first bath was too cute too handle for… millions of viewers. Yep, millions. Tiny sausage dog, big fanbase!

Pepper lives with her pawrents, Chris and Charlie. After getting married in June 2016 and buying their first house in July 2016, they wanted to put the icing on the cake and make their house into a home, so what better way than a beautiful miniature dachshund!
After lots of research and looking at all breeds from Cocker Spaniels, to labradors to cockapoos to dachshunds, they looked after a friend’s Mini Dachshund and instantly fell in love with the breed. Pepper is her pawrents first dog! Chris has grown up with Cocker Spaniels and labradors and Charlie had a westie for a number of years. They wanted something that’s small, energetic, full of character and love – to sum it up: a dachshund!

A lot of research was done in to choosing the right breeder. Chris’s line of work has seen some horror stories with regards to puppy farms and breeders who should not be allowed to keep animals, let along breed them, so they decided to look at the kennel club website and went with a fantastic breeder from Kent who was on the prestigious kennel club assured programme. It put their mind at rest and the whole experience from start to finish was a pleasure for Chris and Charlie.
Pepper’s life so far was all about being socialised with the world surrounding her little paws. Still a puppy, her pawrents took him out everywhere in a big carrier bag, so that she would get to know the different sounds and sights she could encounter once she’ll be allowed for a real walkie on a leash. Pictures and videos of the big event coming soon on Instagram and Facebook!

When she’s not busy discovering West Sussex and the joys of baths, Pepper loves to play: he’s a massive fan of her donkey toy. As a foodie, she lives for his breakfast and dinner. But the very best remains snuggling with her pawrents on the sofa. And Pepper has a very original and adorable favorite location: behind one of her pawrent’s neck. That’s the advantage of being such a small dog!

Pepper’s pawrents decided to start an Instagram account to allow people to follow her on his journey through puppyhood, and to share some amusing stories with other people who either own, want to own or just love dachshunds for the great breed they are. The response has been amazing,  coming up to 7,000 followers on Instagram and approaching 10,000 on Facebook! Join Pepper’s friends now: @pepperminidachshund on Instagram, Pepper Mini Dachsund on Facebook; in order not to miss a single moment of cuteness this charismatic girl delivers every day.
There are also HUGE plans in the pipeline for the future with Pepper and talks of merchandising, so… watch this space! Pepper is going to take over the world, one video at a time!

This post was written by Clarice Bourgeois, a freelance translater, writer and dachshund owner based in France. Would you like to contact her? Please send an email to

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