Hot Dog of the Month: Reggie

Hot Dog of the Month: Reggie

A sausage with attitude, Reggie is the boss of the house!

Today we’re meeting with Reggie and his mom, Kirsty. Reggie is super excited to be Hot Dog of The Month, and WE are super excited to meet Reggie!

Reggie was born on the 6th of May 2016 in Country Victoria, Australia. He is now 7 months old and lives in Melbourne, where there’s 4 seasons in one day! Reggie is his pawrents’ first dog – they were very impatient to get him and picked Reggie up when he was 10 weeks old. But before that, they made sure they were ready for a dog : they thought it through, talked about it and planned it for a whole year. As you know, welcoming a dog is not a small decision.

Reggie’s favorite thing is food – even if that means eating things he is not supposed to! Apparently, everything is worth a bite for him! Reggie also enjoys playing with both humans and other four-legged friends – he is pretty strong for a small guy, and thus excels at tug of war. And when he is done playing, Reggie loves a good cuddle! Sometimes, he can even be as lazy as going back to bed right after breakfast! Ah, now that’s the life…

Reggie also has a “No-no” list : weird noises? No way, he will bark until they stop! Collars are not his fav things either, it is a bit too itchy for him. You see, Reggie is more of a “go commando” kind of guy, being naked all the time (and the ladies approve!). Last but not least, Reggie does not like being bossed around. He is very stubborn and ignore his pawrents’ orders and does what he wants. Now that must ring a bell to dachshunds parents everywhere…

I am sure all the bitches are by now eager to know if he is single or not. Well… I have a scoop: this is supposed to remain off the record, but Reggie has a big crush on Martha (@martha_dachshund). She lives far away from him, but he thinks she is, “a little cutie!”. Martha, if you read this… reach out!

Reggie is a great little pup with a ton of attitude, and he is photogenic – he puts up great selfies on Instagrams. This awesome combination of personality and cuteness makes him very popular online: he has many friends and chats with other dogs (and their dogs-obsessed humans!) from all around the world every day. Don’t waste one more minute and join his gang! Follow him on Instagram @reggiethedach!

This post was written by Clarice Bourgeois, a freelance translater, writer and dachshund owner based in France. Would you like to contact her? Please send an email to

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