Hot Dogs of the Month: Gypsy & Bonnie

Hot Dogs of the Month: Gypsy & Bonnie

These feisty Texan girls will steal your heart!

These two beauties are sisters and they are their mom’s Hot Dogs Of The Year (she told us!), and if that is not love, then I do not know what is.
Gypsy and Bonnie live with their pawrents in Plano, Texas. Yee-aw! Gypsy was born in July 2015; and at barely 3 month old, Bonnie is the troublemaking little sister. Gypsy dotes on her as the good older sister she is. Although, these two are more than sisters, they are best friends!

Like many (not to say all) doxies, Gypsy and Bonie love their toys, delicious treats and warm blankets. They always know the perfect time to cuddle and the perfect time to play – now that is a quality I would like to see more often on a resume! They are lucky to have each other to always have a playing partner around. When they are exhausted by too much wrestling or chasing, they cuddle up, using each other as canine hot bottle. But Bonnie often prefers curling up on her pawrents’ lap while Gypsy hides under a blanket next to them. They might be doxie sisters, but they do have their own personnalities!
Bonnie and Gypsy also love travelling, especially to Louisiana to visit their family.

Gypsy’s favorite song is “Karma Chameleon” – she stops whatever she is doing when she hears it and comes to kiss all over you until you stop singing! If I were her parents, I would use this song as an alarm-clock: I would never fail to wake up after such a lovely doxie attack! Gypsy’s other specialty is to teach her little sister how to bark – I bet the neighbours are really grateful for that ;-).

Bonnie, being still a little puppy, does not like to be left out of anything. But since she is so adorable and cute, I have no doubt that this happens very often!

Now I need to quote Gypsy and Bonnie’s mum Katie, because what she says is just beautiful and perfect: “Gypsy & Bonnie are the coolest of the Hot Dogs. They delight the lives they come in contact with, leaving little paw prints stamped on hearts forever. They are really wonderful. But I would say that of course.I am their mom. I might be biased.” – you are not, Katie!
Believe us y’all, Gypsy and Bonnie are sweet and feisty doxie girls melting hearts with sweetness. This resulted in tons of Instagram friends. They even found Valentines this year! Their Valentines were Ludwig & Wilhelm (see the photo below). If you are aiming to be their Valentines next year, or simply become their friends (and who wouldn’t?), give them a follow!

This post was written by Clarice Bourgeois, a freelance translater, writer and dachshund owner based in France. Would you like to contact her? Please send an email to

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