Important! 10 Signs Your Sausage Is Silly!

Important! 10 Signs Your Sausage Is Silly!

We all love our dachshunds. We often think they are perfect but it is extremely important to realise some dachshunds are not 100%… ‘fine’. Watch carefully for these 10 signs to tell if your dachshund might be silly!

1. Your dachshund refuses to walk any further at random (obvious sign of silliness)

2. Your dachshund does not understand how a fidget spinner works (minor sign of silliness)

 3. Your dachshund randomly starts barking (obvious sign of silliness)

4. Your dachshund inexplicably does not like to wear costumes (moderate sign of silliness)

5. Your dachshunds sprints… in circles… (obvious sign of silliness)

6. Your dachshund is convinced he is the center of the universe (minor sign of silliness)

7. Your dachshund believes he is 6’1 (severe sign of silliness)

8. Your dachshund will not lay still until he finds the perfect sunny spot (minor sign of silliness)

9. Your dachshund thinks he owns YOUR bed (moderate sign of silliness)

10. Your dachshund truly believes he can handle a dog 3 times his size (obvious sign of silliness)

We fully understand you, a dachshund owner, being very confused after reading this. That is OK. Accepting that your sausage is silly can be difficult but it is possible. Why? Because all dachshund owners experience the same doxie silliness every day! That is why we love our sausages so much!

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