Hot Dog of the Month: Geela

Hot Dog of the Month: Geela

Happy Birthday, Geela! On July 8th, this Norwegian wire-haired doxie turns one year old.

Geela lives in Bodø, Norway, with her two mums, Siv and Linda. Norway’s nature is absolutely gorgeous, and that might be one of the reasons Geela loves to be outdoors so much.

Geela is a very clever girl, who, while not even being one year old, has tried all kinds of different activities with her mums such as tracking, obedience, agility and dog shows. She is best at tracking, and as you can see, she really enjoys doing it.

Geela is a very loving dachshund, who loves to cuddle and likes everyone she meets. She is definitely one of those doxies you just have to follow on Instagram.

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