New! Five Questions

New! Five Questions

Premiere of a new blog! 

Q1. How did you get Trixie?
. I lived in New York City and found my girl who had just been born in Ramona, California that is a desert town outside of San Diego. My fiancé and I flew out to get her when she was 12 weeks old. While in the airport I went to buy a magazine and came back to find my fiancé holding Trixie surrounded by women who wanted to pet Trixie. I let him enjoy the moment. I did not hear a peep from her the entire six hour flight home. 12 years later she is my everything and I have no idea where the man I was engaged to is and that worked out really well for me! 😉

Q2. What is something that Trixie does that makes you laugh every time she does it?
Trixie is a thief. You really have to keep an eye on her if there are pockets or purses in the area. She can unzip pockets and get into any purse. I always say that I should have taught her was a $20 bill looks like. She also likes to lie down on purses.
One time when I was still living in New York City I went to the dog park with her. I could not find her and I started to panic. Turns out she had crawled into someone’s carrier to take a snooze.

Q3. What is Trixie’s favorite toy?
A. Trixie does not really care about toys and stuffed animals. She acts really excited when she receives one but forgets about it about one minute later. However, small tennis balls are her crack. There must be dozens around the house. Usually I step on them or wake up with one in bed with us. She likes to fetch as well as hiding a ball under a blanket and then pretend she has to look for it. What can I say, it’s her thing!

Q4. Why Dachshunds?
A. A friend owned one and I fell in love. Now it seems I am attracted to dogs who are low riders. They walk with this funny gait and they are real comedians. I lucked out with Trixie. She is a great dog. I call her the anti-dachshund dachshund because she is so laid back.

Q5. Finally, any advice for someone who is considering owning a dachshund?
Do it! Now that I know so much about the breed I have discovered some great Dachshund rescues that have great dogs looking for their furever home. Prepare your self for lots of love and laughs.

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