North Meets South: A Welsh Dachshund’s Adventure (Part 2)

North Meets South: A Welsh Dachshund’s Adventure (Part 2)

On September 10th this year, Seth polished his paws for the Mass IVDD Dachshund Walk at
Caldicot Castle, South Wales. The event was being held by Charlotte Baldwin founder of
Sausage Dog Walks, South Wales UK and Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD. Fundraising
was in aid of her Charity @dedicatedtodaxiswithivdd. read part 1 here
Seth was sooo excited for the trip, he packed three cases! Ever the diva, packing lightly was never an option for Seth. He was lucky to have me to carry all his luggage! However on inspection all he had packed were treats, treats oh and some more treats! I had to remind him that he need to pack essential like his water bowl, food, his bed…the list went on.

The weather was typically Welsh, but the wind and rain did not stop over 200 dachshunds
and 300 owners attending the event on the day. Caldicot Castle truly had been invaded by
dachshunds. We were overwhelmed with how many came to support Charlotte and support
her IVDD fundraising.

Once we had set up our SethBows stall, we had a prime vista of the day’s events unfolding.
We could watch Waggiest Tail, Cutest Pup, Fancy Dress and all the other contests. We were
in our sausage element and snugly nested between Huxley Hound and Haber’dachshund’ery

Seth fell in love with a Standard Dachshund called Reg and they became instant best
buddies. Sophie from Haber’dachsund’ery told us that Reg was a rescue from Luton and
was only 8 months old at the time. He was 1 in May and he changed their lives from the
moment he arrived. Seth was also lucky enough to sample Huxley Hounds fabulous tasty
treats and got to shake paws with Zena and the gang behind the scenes.

There were many more amazing stalls there all with different Dachshund themed items – a
true feast for the Dachshund obsessed! Check them out here and pick up some early
Christmas gifts! Devoted To Dachshunds, London Pooch, Equafleece, Huxley Hound,
Haber’dachshund’ery, Tibetan Dawn & SethBows.
The focus of the day and the reason we were all there was for all those Dachshunds affected
by IVDD. We saw Dachshunds in Strollers and on wheels and despite the adversity they
face, their pure will and determination was clear to see.

It was a stark reminder at the health issues Dachshunds are at risk of as 1 in 4 Dachshunds are at risk of developing IVDD and raising awareness is Charlotte’s main mission. As well as providing advice on IVDD, the importance of having the correct insurance, strollers and wheels for those in need, Charlotte’s group offers emotional support to those families that are affected. It feels like one big Sausage family and if anything happens, you know you will have the support of all the members. Every single member is amazing and all share one thing in common….Dachshunds!

The Dachshund Breed Council were also on hand to provide practical advice to Dachshund
owners. They have recently launched a new Dachshund Health website where you can
access lots of advice for caring for a dachshund.
Even the BBC wanted in on the fun and were filming for The One Show – The episode was
aired on the 6 th November and you can catch up now on iPlayer and it will be
available to watch for 28 days.

Seth and I thoroughly enjoyed our North meets South road trip. We got to meet our twitter,
Instagram and Facbeook fweens as well as meeting “The Daxie Godmother” Charlotte
Baldwin. We give you a huge high paw for all the work you are doing to help Dachshunds
suffering with IVDD. We cannot wait for next year’s now!

To donate to Dedicate to Dachshunds with IVDD – You can do so via Paypal – All donations are gratefully received and will aid
Dachshunds in need.

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