Pen Pals: Sizzling Summer Sausages Card Exchange!

Pen Pals: Sizzling Summer Sausages Card Exchange!

Spring has sprung and that means summer is just around the corner! The theme of our fourth Card Exchange is ‘Sizzling Summer Sausages’, as chosen by our community members. For our Southern Hemisphere-friends summer is over, but that does not mean this Card Exchange will be any less fun for them. Read how an Official Dachshunds United Card Exchange works below.

How does it work?

1. You fill in the form at the bottom of this page before April 9th 2017;
2. According to your choice, you will send AND receive up to 6 cards;
3. You will receive the addresses via email from us on or before April 19th;
4. You are expected to send ALL your cards on or before May 6th 2017.

Yes, there are some rules to make sure everyone receives their cards:

– You are allowed to send anything you want to the addresses you receive, as long as it is appropriate and not too costly. You can of course send a card, but you can also send a small present for the dog(s);
– We cannot guarantee you will receive international addresses if you signed up for them;
– Only US citizens can choose to not send cards internationally;
– You have to own a dachshund, if your situation does not allow this then you can contact us ( and we will work something out together;
– There is no guarantee that you will receive all your cards, as some cards get lost sometimes, sadly there is nothing we can do about this!

Is participating in this card exchange free?

Yes, participating is free.
OPTIONAL: We ask all participants to reward our hard work to make this card exchange happen by sending a small donation (starting at 1$) via PayPal to sponsor the Sanctuary Doxies at Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County & NJ (DRBC). Your donation provides food and ongoing medical care for these permanent residents of the rescue. You can read more about Arthur, Jania, Homer, Winnie and Hansel here. Donating is optional, but will be very much appreciated.

What about the theme?

We chose a very broad theme to make sure everyone can think of something to send. We asked our community members what they are planning on sending to give you some inspiration if needed:
– Post cards of your city: how fun would it be to receive post cards from all over the world?!
– Printed summer-themed photos: BBQs, stray hats, sunglasses, bikinis and dachshunds!
– Dog treats or treat recipes;
– Small dog toys (maybe you could find a sausage toy!) or clothing (dog + mini cap = cuteness);
– Need some more inspiration? Check out our previous card exchanges here.

Sign up here (CLOSED!):

After you have received your address(es) via email from us, please click here after you have sent your cards so we know you that you did!

By signing up for the card exchange you will be automatically signed up for our monthly newsletter. We will never sell your info to third parties or abuse them in any other way.

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