Hot Dog of the Month: Ollie and Tink

Hot Dog of the Month: Ollie and Tink

After Ollie passed away, Tink came into the lives of Tania and Chris to make them smile again. Read more about Ollie’s live as an IVDD-fighter and the precious Tink below.

Tania, Chris and Ollie lived in Darwin, Australia. Ollie had been a naughty and life-loving sausage from the very first day he was born. He was always running around and chewing on socks, toilet paper and curtains.

When Ollie was 4 year old, Tania noticed that his back looked hunched. She immediately took him to the vet, who discoverd Ollie was suffering from IVDD. Ollie was put on crate rest for 8 weeks but unfortunately this did not help him recover. The vet told Tania and Chris that Ollie would never be able to walk again or to control his bladder. They did not go through with the $12,000 operation because the vet was very unsure about the outcome. Buying a wheelchair from the United States was too expensive for the couple, so Chris made Ollie’s wheels himself.

For the next 3 years Ollie lived a happy and active live. Sadly, when he turned 7 years old the IVDD spread further down his spine and his blood flow through his right leg was cut off. He started developping a large lump on his belly and Tania and Chris saw Ollie was in great pain. Medications were not working any more or enough. After a few weeks the couple made the brave decision of letting Ollie cross the rainbow bridge. Ollie was now finally at peace.

Tania and Chris were heartbroken about losing Ollie. After mourning for several weeks they realised that they missed having a little doxie around them to take care of. A good friend and breeder saw how much love they had to give and decided to give them a dachshund puppy, named Tinkerbell (Tink).

Tania and Chris welcomed Tink into their lives and it was the best thing they could have done. The three of them fully enjoy each other’s company as Tink never leaves their side. Just like Ollie, Tink loves to play and cuddle.

May Ollie rest in peace 7/4/2008 – 18/4/2015

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