The 9 Hottest Small Dachshund Accounts

The 9 Hottest Small Dachshund Accounts

Usually, I am the creative type that is with her head in the clouds and does twenty things at the same time. Today though, I took some time to relax, poured myself a glass of wine and stopped petting my wiener to make you all a list of amazing small (under 500 followers), dachshund Instagram accounts. So get ready to hit that follow button, because you don’t want to miss out on these!

This lovely little ball of fur is Vriend (friend in Dutch). At the age of only two she has stolen many hearts only with the glance of her eyes. Be warned though, do not have the cute look fool you. She frightens even the manliest of men, as she is as fierce as a lion!

As young as he looks, this little dude called Vader (father in Dutch) really is a legend. May it not be because his interesting tone of voice, it definitely is because of his looks. And not just that, I may have heard the dark side has cookies..

I know I have no backbone when it comes to dachshunds, and definitely nothing even close to it when it comes to puppies. But seriously, is there ANYONE that can say no to this face? Tauntaun has stolen my heart.

The peoples, meet Teun. At the age of 1,5 years Teun is just a young gent, but he sure has his preferences. Besides car rides and pineapple, Teun prefers it up close and personal.

Think of fuzzy teddy bears, stuffed dachshunds and the softest fur you can imagine, and there is Chewy. I think he is the kind of dachshund that is found in the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Sadly, we don’t all find the end of a rainbow. However though, this way, we all can enjoy the prize!

D is for darling, and in this case, for Della. Della is an amazing dachshund with a preference for squeaker toys. Follow this gal on her day to day life experiences and be entertained!

Irresistible Samson. So cute and funny, an irresistible combination. Click that follow button girls, because you don’t want to miss out on a daily dose of this handsome bugger!

Een bericht gedeeld door Samson (@samsodog) op

I can never ignore a good looking black and tan babe. It might be because of my own doxie Frits, it might be because they (to me) are the “real” dachshunds. This adorable little girl called Pietje (little Pete in Dutch), completely fits the bill when it comes to that.

This teeny weenie smiles in his sleep. And oh lord it’s cute. We love you Mister Bernard!

With all of our hearts and timelines overflowing with love and adorable madness, I will stop here. Not because I want to, but because I simply cannot put my boyfriend through another “HONEY WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER DACHSHUND”-episode. So, if you would like to see more of this or know of any accounts that you think are underrated, please share it with us!

So, from one dachshund lover to another, enjoy your ween-k! Another one: Have a wienerful day! 😉


Katinka & Frits

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