12 Super Surprised Dachshunds

12 Super Surprised Dachshunds

Dachshunds are pretty funny dogs. Not just because of the way they are shaped (WIENER!) but also because they have very expressive faces. Just take a look and try not to act surprised.

1. No more treats?!


3. What do you mean you’re leaving without me?

4. I never realised I was this cute!

5. Still. Monday.

6. I totally forgot to bark at the mailman today.

7. O. MY. DOG.

8. You ate the last sausage?!

9. “And then he said: M’am, we’re out of hot dogs!”. “No waaaaay!”

10. O my dawg, that hottie over there is totally staring at me.

11. Accidently made a front camera photo.

12. Mum totally forgot to feed me!

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