21 Wildest Wieners

21 Wildest Wieners

This week, the #WeenTeam asked every doxie to show their wild side… And guess what? Instagram turned into a real jungle!

1. Beware of the Doxiegator!

2. Not your average bunny.

3. Frankie AKA Crazy Kangaroo

4. Fluffy, yellow and extremely dangerous.


6. No jungle without the apes.

7. Did you know that real people get killed by angry koalas?

8. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

9. Turtles may not be fast, but they get old. Really old. Like, the scary kind of old.

10. He’s coming to get you!

11. Run! I see a Hyweena!

12. Bunnies freak me out. Especially when they’re this cute.

13. Silence of the lambs…

14. He’s just thinking about his next attack…

15. This cow might not be big, but it certainly is coming to get you. In your sleep.

16. Ladybugs can bite. For reals.

17. King of the savannah!

18. Wild apes go bananas for bananas!

19. Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!

20. Another monkey… Gosh, they keep scaring me!

21. Double trouble…

Watch all these terrifying animals in movement in this kind of super scary video below…

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