Hot Dog of the Month: Peter

Hot Dog of the Month: Peter

Peter, also known as Farts McGarts, lives in Liberty Lake, Washington, with his 9 (!) other family members. Peter is August’s Hot Dog of the Month!

Peter has two adopted wiener siblings, Fat Harry and Inga. He also has an adopted Shih Tzu sister named Cricket and two cat siblings: Doug and KittenCat. On top of that he is also brother to two Great Danes named Bella and Elsa! And you thought taking care of one wiener was hard enough already…

Peter is a lucky guy, because he loves water and he happens to live next to a big lake! He goes swimming, diving, paddle boarding and digging in the sand every day with his mum, Jenifer. He also has a strange but adorable hobby: playing with rocks. Watch below…

Peter is a dachshund mix: he is a half wire-coat and half smooth-coat mini wiener. Peter is making all dachshunds proud: he hates baths, haircuts or nail trims, but he loves to bark at nothing, run faster than mum and love unconditionally.

Peter is special because he can make anyone smile. He adapts to anything and is constantly learning new things. His whole goal in life is pleasing his people; if his family is happy, he is happy.

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