Sassy Sausages Show Off their Bum!

Sassy Sausages Show Off their Bum!

Doxie butts are just the cutest. Period. They perfectly reflect a true dachshund’s personality: sassy and oh so cute!

10. She’s got the curves

9. A doxie’s favorite pose: the sploot

8. Another sploot because it’s just adorable

Een foto die door huppy_kaat is geplaatst op


6. The heart-shaped bum

5. Who knew a butt could look this glorious?

4. Watcha lookin’ at?

3. 2 is always better than 1!

2. This doxie knows how to relax

1. Stretch a leg to make that booty really pop

So keep on splooting and showing off those bootilicious buns!

Bella’s bum! (@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies)

Have a bootiful day!

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