The Hazards of a Winter Wiener Wonderland

I have a hard time admitting I am an overprotective pet owner- my occupation (Veterinary Technician) certainly does not help the situation but I am! Seeing the amount of potential hazards our pets can encounter when we are with or without them makes my body flood with anxiety. Personally, this feeling becomes amplified in the winter time… Continue reading The Hazards of a Winter Wiener Wonderland

Week 6 of the #DUTrainingChallenge: Place

Just one more week until the end of the challenge! By now I hope everyone is seeing a big improvement, especially when it comes to how patient their doxie is. This week we will be learning what is probably Flash’s favourite command: place. You can use this command to send your dog to their crate, bed or anything that you deem their “place”. We use a thin crate pad to teach this command, but you can use just about anything! Continue reading Week 6 of the #DUTrainingChallenge: Place