Christmas Card Exchange Update!

Christmas Card Exchange Update!

This year’s Christmas Card Exchange was a huge success! With over 160 people sending 3 cards each, almost 500 cards have been sent to wiener dog pawrents!  These Instagram posts were all tagged to #DUChristmas2016 because the owners of the dogs are participating in our second Christmas Card Exchange!

Zoey was absolutely overjoyed to receive her cards!

Maya and Winston received dozens of cards!

Lily and Pippa received these self-made hats from Pandora!

Clapton was so excited that it made him sneeze

Are those all mine?

Jonah even faced the elements to get his packages out on time!

Hunter put on his pockerface for this picture, but we are sure he loves his presents!

Sharing is caring boys! Please!

Een foto die door bdubbc15 is geplaatst op

Spoiled dachshund below!

Boo is in full Christmas spirit!

Chewie has a new toy to chew on

Moo is drowning in greetings!

Merry Christmas from Lucy!

Merry Christmas and we hope even more dachshund lovers will join our Christmas Card Exchange next year!

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