Tips for the Perfect Christmas Photos of your Wiener

Tips for the Perfect Christmas Photos of your Wiener

Do you want to take some cute photos of your doxie this Christmas? Not much is needed for some adorable puppy-pics. Just keep reading!

What do you need for the perfect Christmas photoshoot with your wiener? Only two things are absolutely necessary: a doxie and patience! You want to create a relaxed environment for you and your doxie because only then you keep it fun for the both of you.

1. Dress your wiener up in costume

During the holiday season all major pet stores offer a variety of Christmas-themed dog costumes in their clothing section. Just take a look the next time you are there. You can also search for costumes online. If your dog is not comfortable in his costume, make sure you only make him wear it during the photoshoot.

2. Lighting is everything

Play around with Christmas lights, natural lighting or studio lights. The best time to have your photoshoot is when it is still light outside. Read more about lighting here.

3. Get creative with the decorations you already own

Why spend money on photo props when you already own Christmas decorations? Baubles, tinsels or even a Christmas tree: they all make an excellent decor for your photos.

4. Why stay inside?

Not only snow helps create a Christmas theme when you are outside to take photos. Don’t forget about the Christmas trees in malls, decorated store fronts, ice-skating rings, etc. The world is your decor!

5. Find a Santa Claus!

This is probably the easiest way to get an adorable photo when you have actually found a Santa Claus your doxie can pose with. Fortunately doxies are small dogs, so you should be able to smuggle him inside the store which Santa is visiting (you didn’t get this idea from me, OK?! 🙂 ).

6. Don’t be afraid to try weird things

Because it will most likely turn out to be really cute and funny. Whether you make your doxie some bauble-earrings or knit a pair of red socks, the more creative you get the cuter and more original the photos will be.

7. Use your dachshund’s facial expressions

Want to make your dog smile? Dogs ‘smile’ when they are panting, so play with your dog or go for a run to make him pant. Please remember that you are not going to do whatever it takes to make your dog pant. You do not want to exhaust your dog just for a good photo. Want to see some tongue? Smear some peanut butter on your dog’s nose and take photos when he tries to lick it off.

8. Don’t forget about yourself!

If you are using the photos to send as Christmas cards to friends and family, it might be fun to include yourself in the photos.

Good luck and don’t forget to tag your photos to #DachshundsUnited on your social media channels!

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