Five Questions: Beni

Five Questions: Beni

This time we are interviewing Carmen, mother of Beni, a sausage dog from Paris, France! Beni is 3 years old and loves going on adventures with his mom!

1. How did you end up with Beni?
I have always liked animals a lot: I am the kind of person who says ‘hi’ to all dogs I meet on the street. I am originally from Mexico and married a Frenchman so that is how I ended up in France. My husband noticed how much I love animals and decided we should adopt a dog to keep me company (he works all day). Beni actually chose us: he was the first one of the litter to run to us and we instantly fell in love with him!

2. I love the photos on Instagram where he is in front of famous Paris landmarks. What types of reactions do you get when you are taking the photos and sharing your adventures together?
A. Tourists often approach us to chat: they love seeing Beni modelling! Parisians however do not seem to understand why I take pictures of Beni instead of myself.
Regarding an adventure, we once travelled to Italy and stayed in a ‘pet-friendly’ hotel. Beni was allowed to enter the restaurant but during the first evening he got scared of a waitress who was cleaning our table. He started barking at her and a guest complained: we were no longer allowed inside the restaurant! After talking to the manager we were assigned a table at the very back of the restaurant. It looked like we were sitting in the punish-corner! We were proud of Beni for barking only at that very waitress everytime she walked by 😉

3. What is one of Beni’s pet peeves?
Beni HATES the rain. He cannot stand getting his paws wet: when we go out for a walk on a rainy day he stands still at the exit of the elevator and looks like a dog that has to carry the weight of the world on his little shoulders! It is impossible to get him outside then! I have to carry him outside so at least he walks the way back home. Of course, he walks against the walls to avoid puddles.

4. How has owning Beni changed your lives?
Since owning Beni I have become more social. I can talk to other dog owners I meet during our walks for ages. I have also gotten a lot healthier because we go for long walks at least twice a day and in the weekends we drive out to a forest where Beni can run free and we get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
When it is bedtime Beni stretches out alongside us on the bed: snoring and woofing gently as his little legs try to catch the dream creatures. During holidays we can easily take him with us because he is so small, but you have to plan your trips more carefully as dogs are not allowed everywhere. Nothing reminds you of the joys of life and the wonders of the world like being with a dog!

5. What advice do you have for current dachshund owners or those who are thinking about adding the breed to their household?
A. I am not good at giving advice, but I just want to say: BEWARE! The dachshund is a very addictive breed: one pup is never enough! Remember they will posess your couch, bed and your heart.

You can follow Beni’s adventures on Instagram! Click here to go to his profile.

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