Five Questions: Roux

Five Questions: Roux

Roux is a beautiful dachshund mix from San Francisco. In this Five Questions, Ellen talks to Roux’ mum about name, dog-talk and dachshund babies!

Q1. Roux is absolutely adorable. How did you get Roux and how did you come up with the name?
A. I was moving from NYC to LA, and I had been itching to get a dog. I went home to Charleston, SC for a month in between and let myself Google puppies for adoption/sale. I saw an ad from a woman in Ladson, SC whose sister came to visit with her dog, and three puppies were accidentally made: two light brown boys and a black and tan girl. They were living outside in a chickenwire fence in a trailer park and they needed homes as quickly as possible. The woman kept confusing the black one’s gender so it took a while for me to come up with a name. I was a pastry chef at the time and wanted to give her a unique, culinary-related name. I thought of Sage, Canele, and a dozen others. A girl friend of mine suggested Roux and I fell in love with it. It is the perfect name and she listens to it so well.

2. If Roux could talk what do you think your pup would say to you?
A. That is a good question. I like to think Roux is an intellectual and we would have riveting conversations about multiverses and climate change, but she would probably say things like “Hold me,” “Please give me that, I’m dying,” and “MAMA, NO BATH.” I think she would also have something really loving and appreciative to say to me. She shows so much affection on a daily basis.

3. I see you can bring Roux to work. How do you get any work done? How many other dogs come to the office?
A. There are more than 50 dogs in the office, but it is a big office and they do not all come every day. Roux does, and she is a little bit of a celebrity. The #1 tag on her collar means she is the first dog registered with the building. She has a few friends she is obsessed with, but for the most part she just sniffs and says hey to the other dogs and follows me around. I get plenty of work done because she is so good. She is silent in meetings and just sits on my lap. At my desk, she likes to lie behind me in the chair and spoon my bum. ; -)

4. What is the one thing that Roux does that is guaranteed to make you laugh?
A. Oh goodness. Just one?! She does all sorts of weird things that are amazing, and her personality is always evolving. I often wonder what is going on in that little head and how she comes up with this new stuff. One of the crowd pleasers: She sits up like a meerkat and does a bicycle kick motion with her front paws when she really wants something. She can sit like that for minutes.

5. Any plans to add any more doxies to the family?
A. One day, yes. Roux is not fixed and I battle with wanting to make more Rouxs and getting her fixed. It is probably not in the cards since she is almost 6 and has never had a litter. I always thought wiener dogs were a little funny and wiener dog people were….well, wiener dog people. And then I got one. (I had no idea what Roux was going to look like! She was 1.5 lbs and a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix.) I just think Roux is the best combination of both breeds + her own personality and I am not sure if I will ever have another dog this perfect. We live in San Francisco, and work a lot, so another pup is not the best decision right now. We will probably get a little dapple girl some day.
You can follow Roux on Instagram @nothingcomparestoroux

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