Hot Dog of the Month: Daisy

Hot Dog of the Month: Daisy

This month we are introducing you to Daisy, a dapple dachshund from St. Catharines, ON, Canada.
Daisy will turn 8 in July (we are hoping to be invited to her birthday pawty!).
Daisy is a loving, hyper doxie who also loves a good cuddle!
Her favorite things are tennis balls (these things are SO bouncy!), playing outside and cuddling on a blanket. Daisy is not a morning pers… err, dog, so she hates getting up early, especially when it is raining (but who doesn’t?!).
Daisy’s hobbies include eating, napping (FYI, that is why so many humans wish they they were dogs!), playing dess up; and playing with her toys… and losing her toys! She can be pretty forgetful.
Daisy is not shy about her masterplan: she wants to be famous! She took over her mom’s IG account, and made a lot of friend online, including her secret crush Crusoe

A future star needs a celebrity boyfriend, right? So if you want to be friends with her and her soon-to-be boyfriend, give her a follow! @daisydukethedoxie
Daisy’s schedule this year: today Dachshunds United, tomorrow: the world!

This post was written by Clarice Bourgeois, a freelance translater, writer and dachshund owner based in France. Would you like to contact her? Please send an email to

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