Hot Dog of the Month: Opa

Hot Dog of the Month: Opa

Meet Opa, a modern troubadour!

Don’t get fooled by his name : he might be called Opa (“grandfather” in German), but he is still a puppy! Opa was born in June 2016 in Munich, Germany, and got this name because his pawrents thought he looks like an old bearded man – which is funny, because it is true!

Opa lives with his two mommies and his cat-sister, Kapara, whom he loves very much. But you know cats are weird creatures : it does not seem like Kapara wants to play with Opa much. Maybe because as a puppy he is very energetic, maybe she is jealous of his majestic beard, who knows? Don’t worry Opa, we will play with you anytime!

Opa’s favourite hobby is to play with his toys, especially his squeaking banana. This little dachshund is also very lucky to live next by a great park where he spends a lot of time sniffing around for treasures, drinking from the river (straight fresh water from the Alps – isn’t that a dream?), and chasing after birds. But the most incredible thing about Opa is that he is a poet! Opa writes beautiful and short, modern songs about his exciting life as a modern dachshund troubadour – you can read them by checking out the hashtag #opapoet .
Opa felt so honored to be featured as Hot Dog Of The Month that he wrote a song about it!

I never though I’d be a famous dog
But look at me featured on a blog
Next for me is a cover on a catalog
And a TV appearance with a monologue
Oh, Opa – will you write an hymn for our community?

What Opa dislikes, like many dachshunds, is the rain. We all know why – our short legs cannot prevent us from getting our little bellies wet! Getting out of bed in the morning is a close second: Opa needs his beauty sleep and can get cranky if he has to wake up too early. So imagine if he has to get up to go potty outside when it rains!? Oh, the horror!

Opa became popular on Instagram not only because he is adorable and creative, but also because he has buddies from all breeds. His best friends are @chester_dachshund from Spain, @komi_and_rollo from Belgium, and @howard_digs_bowties. Not all of them are dachshunds, but they are very cute and that is all that matters (humans should remember this, we think!). What are you waiting for? Follow Opa!

This post was written by Clarice Bourgeois, a freelance translater, writer and dachshund owner based in France. Would you like to contact her? Please send an email to

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