Hot Dog of the Month: Seth

Hot Dog of the Month: Seth

Meet Seth the Welsh dachshund, an eligible bachelor and entrepreneur!

Seth and his parents live in a small willage within the Snowdonia National Park, in North Wales. I don’t know about you, but just the name of the park makes me imagine beautiful & wild landscapes – how lucky to be a hot dog in such a great environment! Seth was born to love it since he is a real Welshman, born on the island of Anglesey in May 2015. He joined his furever family the following summer, even though he got to meet his pawrents before the big Gotcha day: since they were living close by and visited him a lot.

Even though Seth’s mom, Emma, always loved dachshunds from a young age, she did make a lot of research before getting a dog. Her dream dachshund was a black and tan male… and then Seth was born, a black and tan male, in a litter of puppies – he was the only boy : this was meant to be! From day one, Seth got a nickname : “the Welsh Sosij”! And it of course suits him very well 😀

Seth is an active little soul and loves going for long walks, to play, sleep and really loves to eat – his first love is food. He can be sound asleep but if he hears someone washing their hands in the kitchen, he will come through thinking they are getting ready to eat something. Even if he hears the cutlery draw, he appears! That, my friends, is what I call being gifted 😉
Seth does enjoy belly rubs and loves all the attention he gets when his pawrents take him out. There are not really many dachshunds in his area so he always attracts attention. He loves nothing better than destroying toys. Seth also enjoys playing ball, but there is one problem: He will not give the ball back to you when he brings it back!! Typical spoiled dachshund!

A particular hatred of Seth is ear cleaning……. Bath times can be fun for all the wrong reasons, Seth turns into a monster! Especially when it comes to the drying bit!! High value treats do not even make him want to clean his ears! He does also have a cheeky side to him. He will put his toys/balls in gaps where he cannot get them out of and will bark at it until you get it for him. His arch enemy is the washing line pole though. The pole never did anything to him, but he will bark at it, try and bite it and will not give up until it is kept away. Drying days are noisy days in Seth’s home!!

If you ask Seth “Do you want hugs & cuddles?”, Seth will come over to you. He is a good snuggler and likes to get cosy with his mom on the sofa every evening. He does love water and goes out in the rain without any problems – am I the only one thinking Seth deserves a gold medal for that?? Seth is also the proud owner of a paddling pool and he jumps in for a dip on sunny days. Any bitches around willing to join him this summer?
‘Cos yes, ladies, Seth is still single – I admit it ; I could not believe it at first. Although if the right girl came along I am sure he would be thrilled! He would have to make sure they are not just after his treats first though….. You know what? Because this charming bachelor is also an entrepreneur : with the help of his mom, he developped SethBows this year. SethBows is a small pet accessories craft business, changing the world one bow tie at a time. The range now even extends to ties and bandanas. Everyone loves a Sosij in a Dickie bow, right!?

While Seth is too busy being an international top dog model / business pooch for SethBows to think about ladies, he does have many friends. After a year of having him, his mom decided to set up a FB group : “North Wales Dachshunds”. There was nothing like this in their area of Wales and now they have over 350 members. They meet up for regular dachshund walks and share their love of the breed within the group page. How amazing is that!?!

Seth’s pawrents did not realise the impact this little Sosij would have on their lives. And now here they are, running a successful craft business, and leading a cool local dachshund group – not to mention the numerous friends they made so far! But this, my friends, is the dachshund effect!

Follow Seth on IG : @seththewelshsosij and his company @seth_bows

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