Japan: The Woman with Six Dachshunds

Japan: The Woman with Six Dachshunds

Meet the Mother of All Dachshunds (MOAD): Keiko Nishimuro. Keiko is from Yamanshi, Japan, and owns six miniature dachshunds. Her Instagram account (@noenerikiona) is the account we have featured very consistently throughout the years on our own Instagram account. Read here why we love her Instagram feed.

Keiko’s dachshunds are called Kiona, Carnerian, Noel, Pinkberil, Orangerutiru and Rallimarl. They live in an absolutely gorgeous place in Japan: Yamanshi. She frequently uses the beautiful scenery to create pictures like these:

The six dachshund siblings also have a precious little human sister. Watching her grow up warms your heart just as much as the dachshunds do.

In some cases, owning this many dachshunds can cause problems. Especially female dachshunds can be be mean to each other, sometimes even resulting in serious fights. But when I asked Keiko if her dogs liked each other, she was surprised about the question. All of Keiko’s dachshunds get along fine: they never fight, love to cuddle together and line up perfectly to pose for photos.

You can imagine that Keiko and her dachshunds get a lot of attention when they go for walks. Not just because they are with so many, but also for their stylish outfits. Keiko loves dressing her dogs up and they do not seem to mind it at all!

Although ownning six dachshunds may sound like heaven to many dachshund lovers, it is a lot of hard work and very expensive. Please take this in consideration when you are calling the rescue shelter after reading this article to adopt 5 more dogs 😉 Posting photos on Instagram is a hobby, owning a dog is a fulltime job. Especially when you have 6 of them!

One thing is for sure: Keiko and her dogs are very photogenic. Just look at their Christmas post (2016). Un-be-lievable.

We would like to thank Keiko for her time to answer our questions and wish her many more happy years with her dachshunds.

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