Just 10 Wire-Weenies Being Themselves

Just 10 Wire-Weenies Being Themselves

When we look for dachshunds to feature on our social media channels, we always look through our own #DachshundsUnited. We try to be as diverse as possible in our pictures, but this is harder than you might think. Why? Because long-haired and short-haired dachshunds are much more popular than the wire-haired weenies in the countries where the biggest part of our followers are from (United States, Great-Britain & Australia)! To make right for the lack of wire weenies, we have decided to dedicate this post to them! 

1. Chester shows how the ‘tired wiener‘ is done correctly

2. Diego is playing hide and seek!

3. Senior sausage Bram loves stroller-rides!

4. Lotje & Catootje love supporting their mummy doing yoga!

5. Ludwig and Casper are enjoying the snow!

Een bericht gedeeld door Kristin (@krigude) op

6. Otto proves that the naughty trait can be found in any type of dachshund. OOPS!

7. This trio always sleeps in

8. Seamus loves it when the wind goes through his manes 😉

9. Flip and Toby let you know what happens when you leave them alone for 2+ seconds…

10. But most importantly: like all dachshunds, wire weenies think they can handle ANYTHING!

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