10 Not-So-Tough Wieners in Hoodies

10 Not-So-Tough Wieners in Hoodies

These doxies are trying to look tough in their hoodies. Creds for trying bros, but ya’ll just too cute.

10. B*tches love me… Yeah, so does your mum.

9. Winston is not too cool for school.

8. A bro never wears pink. Not even in Europe (I’m from Europe so I can joke about it).

7. Tough pups don’t EVER give you this look. They just don’t. #DealWithIt

6. Hahahahaha at least you tried.

5. I must admit, Baxter looks kind of bad*ss in his hoodie. KIND OF.

4. Oh Knox, just give it up already. You’re just too cute, OK?!

3. A tough ween stands out, Bruno, he doesn’t blend in. #NoCamo

2. Yellow is for babies, Franklin! BABIES!

1. It’s ruff not being tough.

Stay cute, weenies.

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