The #WeenTeam is celebrating Shark Week!

The #WeenTeam is celebrating Shark Week!

Happy Shark Week! To celebrate this week full of shark awesomeness brought to you by Discovery Channel, the #WeenTeam is inviting every doxie to join their shark themed party! See their party pics below.

1. Looks cute but still is VERY dangerous

2. This shark is giving you a huge side-eye

3. Trying to look tough (not working out though)

4. Sharkweenie on the loose!

5. How about we go on a dinner after this photoshoot?

6. Look at those shark teeth!

7. CLEAR THE BEACH! Shark is coming!

8. If only my teeth were that impressive

9. When looking cute is your thing (and the whole scary shark thing just isn’t)

10. Who would have thought sharks have puppy eyes too?

11. This wiener clearly cares more about his hair than being scary

12. MOTHER! Don’t go on the beach! I’ve heard there are sharks there!

13. *Gulp*

14. Shark alert! Shark alert!

15. *Gulp* *Gulp*

16. Yikes!

17. Beware of the… PAWS!

18. Did you say “shark”?!

Use #WeenTeamSharkWeek to help celebrate the Shark Week!

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