CLOSED: Christmas Card Exchange 2017!

CLOSED: Christmas Card Exchange 2017!

It’s that time of the year again… Christmas is coming! This year, we are organizing our third Christmas Card Exchange since the first one in 2015. Let’s have some fun!

Dachshund United Card Exchanges are great fun: you get the chance to meet dachshund lovers from all over the world. Many of our previous participants have made great friends with the people they met through our Card Exchanges. The goal of our Card Exchanges is to bring the dachshund community closer together. In these days of emails, Facebook and Instagram how fun is it to actually get in real contact with dachshund fanatics?!

This is a REAL card exchange, so you will be sending REAL cards. Please keep in mind that once you sign up you are expected to send ALL your cards. We can check if you did. We hate to see people receiving only one card when they themselves have sent out more.

This sounds fun! How do I participate?
1. You fill in the form at the bottom of this page before December  3rd 2017;
2. According to your choice, you will send AND receive up to 6 cards;
3. You will receive the addresses via email from us on or before December 10th 2017;
4. You are expected to send ALL your cards on or before December 15th (Friday) 2017.

Yes, there are some rules to make sure everyone receives their cards:
– You are allowed to send anything you want to the addresses you receive, as long as it is appropriate and not too costly. You can of course send a card, but you can also send a small present for the dog(s);
– We cannot guarantee you will receive international addresses if you signed up for them;
– Only US citizens can choose to not send cards internationally;
– You have to own a dachshund or be a fanatic dachshund lover;
– There is no guarantee that you will receive all your cards, as some cards get lost sometimes, sadly there is nothing we can do about this!
– If for some reason you have to drop out of the card exchange, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the appropriate changes to the mailing list;
– There is also a rule for us! Dachshunds United promises to every participant to treat their personal details/information with respect and we will never sell your information to other parties.

After you have sent your cards, click here to let us know. Please also put in the names of the people you received cards from in this shared document so people know whether their cards/gifts arrived!

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