Dachshund Hotel Opening Soon and We Are Checking It Out for You

Dachshund Hotel Opening Soon and We Are Checking It Out for You

The dream of every dachshund owner has come true: on July 8th 2017, Teckel Hotel Tirol (Austria) will open its doors. This hotel is for dachshunds and their owners by dachshund owners. The owners of the hotel have invited Dachshunds United to stay with them to make sure the place really is ‘Dachshund Proof’!

The hotel

On July 13th the owner of Dachshunds United, Lieke, will leave The Netherlands at around six o’clock in the morning by train with her dachshund ‘Tilda’. She will travel via Munich to Mayrhofen, where the hotel is situated.

Mayrhofen is part of the Zillertal, a stunning valley in the west of Austria.

Mayrhofen in the Zillertal Tirol
The Zillertal Tirol in the summer
The Zillertal Tirol in the winter

The owners of the hotel, Eric and Anneliese, told me they started this hotel to honor their dachshunds ‘Ramses’ and ‘Trijntje’, who both passed away last year. As every dachshund owner can understand, losing a doxie is heartbreaking but it only makes clearer how special this breed is. You never forget a dachshund.

The hotel offers all kinds of activities for you and your dachshund(s). There is a fenced play-yard for the dogs, a doggy-pool, a dog spa to clean your dachshunds after a day outside and a dog-sitting service. Besides visiting the town and exploring the surroundings (alone or on organized dachshund walks), humans can spend their time in the ‘Dachshund Bar’, on the terrace, in the lounge or in the restaurant. This can only be wiener-ful!

Lieke will be staying in the hotel from 7/13 to 7/16. She will give regular updates on her experiences and will write a thorough review afterwards. Make sure to keep an eye on our website and Facebook for more information and a chance for you to stay there too!

Teckel Hotel Tirol – www.teckelhotel.com (English website coming soon), also on Facebook.


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