The 12 Most Patriotic Hot Dogs of the USA

The 12 Most Patriotic Hot Dogs of the USA

Oh America, the country of freedom and hot dogs. Combine the two and you get the original American Weenie. Here are 12 of them. Be proud America, not every country can say that even their sausages are patriotic.

12. Peanut shows you what patriotism is all about.

11. America, where floppy ears are accepted.

10. Go big or go home.


8. Tiny hats for all!

7. Even American sticks taste better.

6. What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing. It just waved!

5. It ain’t gonna get more American than this.

4. My friend calls me up and asks “Hey are you free tonight?” And I say of course, I’m American.

3. This picture pretty much says what’s America is all about.

2. We want YOU!

1. USA: United Sausages Army.

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