These 15 Dachshunds Are Having a Ruff Easter

These 15 Dachshunds Are Having a Ruff Easter

Besides being a religious event, Easter is also THE time to force your dachshund into a silly bunny outfit. That is exactly what happened again this year. When you scroll down you will laugh and then search the internet for dog costumes. You have been warned.

1. “One more photo, Lilo! Then you’ll get your treats!”

2. *Awkward family photo*

3. “You have reached the limit, mother! As if only the cone of shame wasn’t awful enough!”

4. “Maybe if I give my pawrents the death stare long enough they’ll burn this suit.”

5. “Does this accentuate my already gorgeous doxie bum?”

6. “At least I’m not wearing a costume… Yet!”

7. “Would this be the right moment to tell mum that it WAS in fact ME who destroyed her Easter ornament yesterday?”

8. “This is actually quite comfortable!”

9. “What in Doge’s name is this thing next to me?”

10. “I do get to keep this box after the photoshoot, right?”

11. “Did you… Are you going to replace me with THIS?!”

12. “At least we’re in this together…”

13. Happy Easter!

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