These Dachshunds Are Just Trying To ‘Help’

These Dachshunds Are Just Trying To ‘Help’

Every dachshund has a naughty side. But in some dachshunds that side is a little overpowering. The dogs will never admit to it though. They will call it ‘helping’. We found some great examples for you of ‘helping hounds’.

1. I thought you said you wanted to clean the inside of my bed also?

DEFINITELY WASN’T ME! @tilda_the_teckel #GUILTY #DachshundsUnited

Een bericht gedeeld door Dachshunds United © (@dachshundsunited) op

2. I went ahead and shredded the paper to save you some time.

3. Yep, just cleaning the dishwasher.

4. I am only plumping out the wrinkles of the couch! For you!

5. I really wanted to help you finish the scarf tonight.

6. I was just folding the laundry to save you some work.


8. I was preparing the pork for tonight’s dinner!

9. Just checking if you brought all the right papers to work today.

10. I am looking for weeds to pluck. DEFINITELY NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING ELSE!

All these photos were tagged to #DachshundsUnited. Use it too for your chance to be featured next time!

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