Tilda’s Quest for a Valentine

Tilda’s Quest for a Valentine

Valentine’s Day: you either hate it or love it. I happen to love it. Why? Because on Valentine’s Day my daily dose of kisses from mum increases and I get more food than usual (actual quote from mum: ‘because it’s the day of love’). Last year I was still a puppy, and Valentine’s Day was in my opinion more something for grown-ups. But this year, since I am almost 21 in human years, I thought it was time for me to find a Valentine.

Contest (w) - kopie
Hi, I’m Tilda! This blog is written by me!

But where do I start this quest for a Valentine? I could go to the dog park and try to meet new dogs or I could eat rocks and end up in the hospital to meet a hot nurse. I discussed these options with mum, but she was not a fan of my ideas (which I thought was weird).

I decided to host a contest to let the potential Valentines come to me. This way I would not hurt myself by eating rocks and I would also avoid awkward moments in the dog park. The winner of the contest would be my Valentine for 2015. Sounds like a perfect plan, right?

Click here to see the Valentine’s Day Contest blog!

At first I was worried that not many dogs would enter my contest. Maybe everyone had already found a Valentine? But there was no need to worry. When the contest ended, over 30 different dogs had entered my contest! Let me show you a few of them.


Ebbe (@ebbethedachshund) was the first one who entered my contest and he looked super handsome in his red bow-tie. I loved the dreamy expression in his eyes, like he is dreaming about our first date and how perfect it would be.

Yogi and Lucky

Then we have Yogi (@yogi_doxie) and his nephew Lucky (@candyfire39). Yogi looked like a real ladies’ man in his animal printed tie and red harness. And then those blue eyes… So dreamy! Lucky really knows how to work his long body; the way the sun shines on his fur, incredible! And his intense stare was what completed this photo for me.

I knew as I was looking through all the entries that picking only one Valentine was going to be difficult. Especially when I saw Eva’s (@littlemissevagirl) entry:


That cushion. That headband. That dress. O MY GOD. How cute can a doxie possibly look?

As I scrolled further through the entries, my chocolate brown eyes fell in love with two dogs wearing the same headpiece:

Yena and Huppy

Yena (@juliejeanclaude) and Huppy (@huppy_kaat) both looked adorable in their LOVE-headband. They were both wearing it with confidence and that is exactly what I am looking for in a Valentine!

Then I saw Sammy’s (@lindatrex) entry. My gosh, how hot can a hot dog be? Sammy sure knew how to seduce me. Maybe he had been spying on me for the past few weeks, how else could he have known I love flowers and I ADORE food?


And then this happened:


Derry (@myawkwarddog), the most awkward dog around, had entered my contest by posting a photo of him being handcuffed. HANDCUFFED. Dear Derry, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and your way of life, but this fifty-shades-of-grey-stuff just is not really my thing. I must admit that you look really hot though, I adore your sexy baby blue bow-tie, it really adds some extra ‘tension’ to the photo. Good job Derry, good job.

The last two entries shown in this blog are from Max (@maxthegreatminidachshund) and Firni (@an_american_dachshund_in_paris):

Max and Firni

These two hot dogs are true gentleman, and they are showing the world what love really is about; the heart. My heart was the one who had to choose the winner, and it was time to announce the winner.

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I want to thank everyone who entered. You really made me feel special and loved.
Check out the other entries under #TildaBeMine on Instagram!

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