Toy Possessiveness

Toy Possessiveness

What do you do when your dachshund has decided that he is the only one who can touch his toys? You are totally fine with him playing with his toys, but sometimes there is a situation where the toys needs to be taken away from him. When your dachshund starts to growl or snap when you reach for the toys, you need to show him immediately that the behavior he is showing is wrong. Do not do that by shouting at him or beating him: that is never a solution. Here is what you should do when you are in a situation like that:

1. Take your dachshund’s favorite treat and show him that you have it;
2. Stand up tall and say ‘drop it’ loud and clearly;
3. If your dachshund drops the toy (because he loses interest in it), praise him abundantly and give him the treat;
4. If your dachshund has not dropped the toy, bring the treat closer to his face and say with an excited voice: ‘Oh, look at this! This looks sooooo good!’. Doing this will help your dachshund lose interest in his toy and focus on the delicious treat you are about to give him. Because when you are that excited about it, it must be really good!
5. Say ‘drop it’ again and wait for your dachshund to drop the toy. If this does not work, throw the treat on the floor where he cannot reach it but close enough for him to see it. He will probably try to get the treat, but you have got to hold him back until he has dropped the toy. If he is still not interested in the treat, the treat is probably not special enough. Try using raw meat instead.

You might have to repeat these steps a few times before your dachshund totally gets that if you want him to ‘drop it’, he should drop it. And he better drops it fast.

'Teddy is mine now.'
‘Teddy is mine now.’

Here are some more tips and tricks:
– Make your dachshund works for his toys. Store all his toys in a place where he cannot reach it. You decide when it is playtime. Only give your dachshund the toy after he performed a trick, like ‘high five’ or ‘roll over’. When playtime is over, repeat the steps and take the toy away from him.
– Show your dachshund affection when  he is playing with or just holding the toy. Make him feel comfortable and relaxed by stroking him. While you do that, do not take the toy away from him. Show him that you are not only there to stop playtime, but also to play with him or just be with him.
– Always remember that you are your dachshund’s owner. You are in charge and you decide whenever whatever happens.
– Use the toy as a training tool. Hide the toy for instance and let your dachshund find it and reward him when he brings you the toy back. You can also teach your dachshund to play fetch with the toy.
– When you and your dachshund are playing together and he already knows the command ‘drop it’, suddenly ask him to ‘drop it’. He may react surprised. But since you are the ‘dominant one’ he has to listen to you, so do not continue playing with your dachshund before he has dropped the toy. Just keep asking him to ‘drop it’ in a very calm but clear way. Eventually he will drop the toy, and when he does react very excited and praise him. Immediately give back the toy to your dachshund as his reward for listening to you. Your dachshund is happy because 1. he ‘did good’ and 2. he got his toy back. This exercise teaches your dachshund that even during playtime he has to listen to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment, I am more than happy to respond!

Good luck!

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