Update on our first Valentine’s Card Exchange!

Update on our first Valentine’s Card Exchange!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have participated in our first Valentine’s Card Exchange or not, you HAVE to see these adorable photos of dachshunds with their V-day cards! Just scroll down and let the cuteness come to you…

Scout and Chipper were helping their mum prepare the cards

Stella was just there to look cute for the photo 😉

Daisy, Miley and Penny even put their paw prints on their cards! Such class!

Milton received his first cards!

How cute is Pandora?!

Lucy received the box of a lifetime!

Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @sandyrust op

Love is in the air for Ludwig and Wilhelm!

McNeely was unsure about what was happening here but decided to just go with it

Irra from Sweden received cards from all over the world

Weenie fell totally in love with her Valentine, Lua.

Barnaby thanked his pen pals in this cute post

Millie was showered with gifts!

Can you find the treats in this photo? (hint: Hunter ate them all!)

Moo was on crate rest during most of the card exchange because of back problems, but she managed to get all her cards out in time!

Biscuit received a cookie cutter!

Where is Baxter? Behind all his cards!

Sergeant loved his Valentines! He is a lucky boy!

We want to thank everyone who participated for sharing their photos with us by using #DUValentine2017! Keep an eye on the website or join our Facebook group to make sure you will not miss any updates on upcoming card exchanges! This time we had 200+ participants, let’s beat that number next time!

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