14 Funniest Doxie Nicknames

14 Funniest Doxie Nicknames

On Instagram I asked the @dachshundsunited followers what nicknames they have for their fur baby AKA doxie. The response was overwhelming! Over 200 nicknames were submitted, and all were so fun! Here are a few of them:

14. Zhi-Zhi and Gretta AKA ‘Wild Weenies

13. Waner AKA ‘Lil Wayne

12. Brodie AKA ‘Mr. Fancy Pants

11. Cooper AKA ‘Cheesy Toes

10. Layla AKA ‘Weens McBeans

9. Luna AKA ‘Tuna Butt

8. Bosworth AKA ‘Houdini Weenie

7. Toby AKA ‘Picky Pooper

6. Tanner (@cowgirl_cara) AKA ‘Hot Diggity Dog

5. Kash AKA ‘Kash-A-Roo

4. Ruby AKA ‘Crotch Sniffer

3. Mia AKA ‘Tiny Dictator

Een foto die door delorros is geplaatst op


2. Meriadoc, Peregrin and Belladonna AKA ‘Quit Barking

1. Chorizo AKA ‘Chewrizo

Thank you all so much for submitting your dachshund’s hilarious, cute and original nicknames!

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