Christmas Card Exchange Update!

Christmas Card Exchange Update!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry – almost – Christmas! Are you not really in Christmas spirit yet? This week we will help you with that! Today we are showing you some adorable pups with Christmas cards. What more do you need?

These Instagram posts were all tagged to #DUChristmas2015 because the owners of the dogs are participating in our Christmas Card Exchange! Because of the positive response so far, we have decided to extend the sign-up date to December 20th. Sign up here.

Jazzy (OMG that sweater!!)

Penny the puppy

Covey the cutie

Organized Olivier

These little fellahs

This Spanish chick

Een foto die door kyra_teckel is geplaatst op

Gypsy with her card from Gretchen and Pearl

Moo might be sending more than just a card or two this year…

JJ just wants you to mail those cards already

Christmas won’t make these bad boys less naughty

Ladybug is really feeling the Christmas spirit!

Just like Ludwig…

Happy Holidays! We will be posting more cute Christmas stuff this week!

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