These Weens are Rocking Teal Bandanas

These Weens are Rocking Teal Bandanas

What do you get when you combine teal bandanas and wienerdogs? For the answer see the pictures below!

Puppy eyes for days

Mesmerizing adorableness

Amazing action shots

Good-looking wiener babies

Badass solemnity

Enchanting mini sausages

Fabulous car rides

Super handsome wienerdudes

But why are all these wieners wearing teal bandanas?

Introducing Sammy, the first dog who will receive wheels from our #Teal4Wheelsfundraising! He was rescued by DRSF before his family was about to euthanize him. His family waited too long to surrender him, so he is not a candidate for IVDD surgery and his nerve pain was so severe that he had chewed off some of his toes. We are so happy to give Sammy the gift of mobility through The Frankie Wheelchair Fund/National Walk 'N Roll Dog Day. He is be fostered by the wonderful team at Camp Weenie. After he is measured, he will receive his wheels from @eddieswheels for Pets. It appears that Sammy's family was unaware of IVDD and the measures that should be taken to help dogs with this disease. Situations like this is why the awareness portion of our campaign is so vital. I encourage you to follow Sammy's journey through Camp Weenie and share his store, but please do not harshly judge is family because we do not know the circumstances of his family or their situation. We just know that now he will be cared for and he will soon be a speed racer in his wheels! Special thanks to The Ween Team for their endless support in our mission to share the news about Wheelie Dogs and fundraise to help give dogs like Sammy the gift of mobility.

Een foto die is geplaatst door Sarah @ (@the_smoothe_store) op

As you could read in the Instagram caption above, The Smoothe Store is running a fundraiser called #Teal4Wheels to raise money for The Frankie Wheelchair Fund. If they raise more than enough money to buy 20 sets of wheels, the remainder of the funds will go to Dachshund Rescue South Florida (DRSF).

For those of you who are not familiar with doggie wheelchairs: the circumstances that lead to the need for and the purchase of a wheelchair are often a major financial burden for families and, in many cases, a financial impossibility. Wheelchairs are expensive, ranging from $300 to $900, and wheelchairs are often needed after other methods for restoring mobility have failed, such as surgery (usually ranging from $3,000 to $8,000). We’ve heard of many situations where dogs have been put down because their families could not afford to care for them, so providing wheels can be lifesaving!

Support this amazing fundraiser by buying one or more of the amazing Wheelie Dog Day Products & Gifts here.

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