Week 6 of the #DUTrainingChallenge: Place

Just one more week until the end of the challenge! By now I hope everyone is seeing a big improvement, especially when it comes to how patient their doxie is. This week we will be learning what is probably Flash’s favourite command: place. You can use this command to send your dog to their crate, bed or anything that you deem their “place”. We use a thin crate pad to teach this command, but you can use just about anything! Continue reading Week 6 of the #DUTrainingChallenge: Place

Week 3 of the #DUTrainingChallenge: Sit

On to the fun stuff! This week we will be learning how to teach your dachshund to sit. While many of your dachshunds make already know this command, I am hoping you will still read this article as there might be some tips and tricks you can learn to help you teach them how to sit on the first command, every time. That is the goal we are aiming for and it is not as difficult as it may sound even with your dachshund’s “selective listening”. Continue reading Week 3 of the #DUTrainingChallenge: Sit