10 Reasons Why Not To Get A Dachshund

10 Reasons Why Not To Get A Dachshund

Below are 10 very important things to realise before getting a dachshund. Almost all dachshund owners can relate to these dachshund characteristics 😉

1. Dachshunds are at least as smart as you are. They will try to fool you!

2. They always want to cuddle, even when you don’t have time!

3. Their taste in food is extremely broad: stones, sticks, cat food, etc. You can never take your eyes off them or they’ll eat your couch.

4. Doxies look better in clothes than you do. They will make you feel insecure 😉

5. I told you: even a simple bandana will make them look fabulous.

6. Dachshunds are ALWAYS excited. Even when they really shouldn’t be… #NailClippings

7. They get into a lot of trouble. It is like having a three-year-old who never turns four.

8. Weens always expect the royal treatment!

9. Even though they seem tiny, dachshunds always manage to take up the whole couch. They don’t care about you!

10. Last but not least: You always have to put their ears back to factory settings!

So think twice before getting a magical sausage 😉

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