Contest! Turn Your Dachshund into a Emoji to Win Your Own Dachmoji!

Contest! Turn Your Dachshund into a Emoji to Win Your Own Dachmoji!

Dachshunds United is organizing a super cool contest with Dachmoji! You have the chance to have your dachshund be transformed into a Dachmoji and be put on their app! Read below how to enter this contest.
The Dachmoji app is all about showing your emotions through dachshund emojis. We are challenging you to create a photo that shows your feelings through your dachshund! See some examples of already existing emojis here:

The idea is that you take a photo of your dachshund that can be created into an emoji. Be expressive! You are allowed to use props to create the perfect image. Try to keep the background as empty as possible, as this will not be included in the final emoji. Please follow the rules below to ensure your entry is valid:

  1. Post your photo on or before November 21st
  2. In your caption, use the following line: This is my entry to the #DachmojiContest by @dachshundsunited and @dachmoji
  3. You must follow @dachshundsunited and @dachmoji on Instagram
  4. You are allowed to enter up to 3 separate photos, all using the same caption provided by us

The winners will be selected by our followers! The winners will be the dachshunds with the most votes on our website (on November 22st the voting will open). Dachshunds United will select the 10 best entries who you can vote for until November 25th.

We wish you the best of luck! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

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