Sign up for our Christmas Card Exchange 2016!

Sign up for our Christmas Card Exchange 2016!

Christmas is around the corner! For the second time, Dachshunds United is hosting the Christmas Card Exchange for dachshund owners. Sign up now! This is how it works:

  1. You sign up by filling in the form below before 25th of November;
  2. Before December 1st, you will receive 3 (international) addresses;
  3. You are expected to send the 3 cards before December 8th (because international shipping can take a long time).

Of course there are some rules to make everything go smoothly:

  1. You are allowed to send anything you want to the addresses you receive, as long as it is appropriate and not too costly. You can of course send a card, but you can also send a small present for the dog or a brochure about your home town;
  2. We can not guarantee you will or will not have to send cards/a card internationally, this totally depends on who and how many people sign up for the card exchange (we had over a 100 participants last year, let’s beat this number!);
  3. The number of cards you have to send and will receive is fixed at 3 (this is different from last year);
  4. You have to own a dachshund, if your situation does not allow this then you can contact us and we will work something out together;
  5. There is no guarantee that you will receive 3 cards, as some post cards get lost sometimes, sadly there is nothing we can do about this!
In the spirit of Christmas, we ask all participants to reward our hard work to make this card exchange happen by giving a small donation (starting at 1$) via PayPal. 100% of these donations will be donated to All American Dachshund Rescue. Donating is optional, but will be very much appreciated. If you would like to donate by buying something, you can buy our Christmas Collection items here (50% of those profits will go to ASPCA).


Closed! Participants will receive their addresses before December 1st!

Sign up below (last day to do so is November 25th!):

By signing up for the card exchange you will be automatically signed up for our monthly newsletter. We will never sell your info to third parties or abuse them in any other way.


2 thoughts on “Sign up for our Christmas Card Exchange 2016!

  1. I want to sign up for the christmas card exchange but I currently dont have the means to own a dachshund, even though that will for sure be my next doggie!!!

    1. Hi Steven, feel free to sign up. Just fill in ‘not yet’ in the ‘Your dachshund’s name’ box. We will handle it from there. Thanks!

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