Hot Dog of the Month: Pippa

Hot Dog of the Month: Pippa

Everybody meet Pippa! Pippa is a one year old black and tan dachshund from Ibiza.

Pippa 2

Pippa met her mum Cris when she was three months old. Pippa was the last one of her litter and she was waiting for a forever home in a cage, alone. Cris has had dogs all her life, but when she met Pippa she knew that this doxie was “the one”. Pippa jumped into Cris’ bag and they both realised they were meant to be together.

Pippa 4

Pippa now lives on Ibiza, near the sea. She is a very good swimmer, and she never looses an opportunity to jump into the pool or sea. Her favorite place to be at is the beach. She can hang out there for hours, relaxing in the sand, swimming in the sea and fighting plastic water bottles. She is obsessed with them and she loves to completely destroy them. Sounds familiar, anyone?

Pippa 1

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