Hot Dog of the Month: Milly

Hot Dog of the Month: Milly

Babe alert! Milly is our November-chick, read below why!

1. Milly is gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous.

2. Aussi Milly lives in the Shoalhaven Area in New South Wales. As you can see, it is a beautiful area to live in.

3. This sassy one-year-old loves to pose for pictures, especially in cute outfits like this jacket.

4. Milly can also be kind of silly at times. This is her facial expression when her mum Sandy is doing the house work. She HATES the vacuum cleaner, the broom, the ironing board and the washing machine. Silly little sausage.

5. Milly is obsessed with her toys. Sandy once locked her favorite toy away in a bedroom because Milly was getting out-of-control obsessed with it, without Milly knowing where she had put it. But Milly used her nose and managed to find out in which room her mum had hidden the toy so she sat in front of door and refused to do anything before she got her toy back. That is what I call determination.

6. This little poser can do more than just being pretty: she is a really sporty wiener too! She loves riding on the canoe, running on the beach and chasing seagulls.

7. Milly was just the cutest pup ever. Period.

8. She can also be quite… uhm… clingy.

9. Sandy and Milly’s favority day of the month is their local dachshund meet-up called ‘Bark in the Park’. All the doxies run and chase each other and as we all know that looks pretty funny…

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